Hochschulbibliographie der FernUniversität in Hagen Bibliography of FU in Hagen

Newest publications

  • Opwis, Mareile; Bartel, Eva Catrin; Salewski, Christel; Schmidt, Jennifer:
    Sorry - bad habit! Validation of the german self-report habit index with a test for its relation to potentially addictive forms of health-risk behaviors
    In: International journal of mental health and addiction (2023)
  • Hilbert, Markus; Dellnitz, Andreas; Kleine, Andreas:
    Production planning under RTP, TOU and PPA considering a redox flow battery storage system
    In: Annals of operations research (2023)
  • Reich-Stiebert, Natalia; Froehlich, Laura; Voltmer, Jan-Bennet:
    Gendered mental labor : a systematic literature review on the cognitive dimension of unpaid work within the household and childcare
    In: Sex roles : a journal of research (2023)
  • Koch, Christian; Olbrich, Rainer:
    Dynamic customer journey analysis in multichannel marketing : literature review, empirical study and implications for research and advertisers
    Hagen: FernUniversität in Hagen, Department of Business Administration and Economics, 2023
    (Research paper ; 10)